Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Wha??

Oh blog. My poor, poor blog...I've almost just deserted you! I'm so behind. Could it be because 9 out of the past 14 days have been spent away from home for me and little man? Wow. I've never been more happy to get to my home than I was on Tuesday morning. We are all out of sync, and to top it off I've now got some sinus funk going on. As does O. I went to the doctor today and got a Zpack to go ahead and knock it out of me. Fall needs to just go ahead get here to stay and stop this hot/cold crap. Everything is probably just catching up to me finally! For "Day Wha??" I'm going to just compile a lot of my favorite recent photos becuase I'm so far behind and haven't been shooting everyday to be honest.

Let's see...where did I leave off? Labor day weekend. We spent the weekend with family at the lake. The guys made a lot of good progress on the basement, which we're all hopeful they can complete by Christmas. Here's a sweet shot from that weekend of O giving his little cousin A a smooch on the cheek.

We came home on Labor Day only to recharge for 3 nights and head out again to my parents home in Kentucky. Owen and I went up on Thursday afternoon, along with the dog. We were loaded down! On the trip we were driving through this teeny town and I looked over at a junk store and saw a red chair sitting out there. I whipped around and bought it as a prop for $5...score! Over the weekend at my moms I had three sessions there on my parents land. My dad scouted out a nice location for me with some beautiful purple ironweeds blooming. Here's some shares from two of my sessions and also some other shots that I took while home.

The Red Chair:

And one from another session

My moms love affair with hummingbirds is wearing off on me. Jeesh, I'm turning into my mother! :O

My sweet nephew, J

My dad with his new horse, Patty

She's so pretty!

Wild turkey's on my parents land. At one point I counted 16!

And lastly, my new fave photo of little man! Oh the light. The LIGHT! It was just gorgeous. And wouldn't you know it...all he wanted to wear was his chocolate milk t-shirt. I even tried to bribe him into another shirt with no luck. Oh well. Chocolate milk t it is!

And in other exciting news, Tiffany from On The Spot Studio redesigned my logo and its now finished! I'm re-branding and going to start working on some marketing materials soon so I was ready for a fresh logo. Here it is! Inspired guessed it...little man O.

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  1. Those are all great! Good luck on your fresh start! New studio, new branding! Fun!