Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 273 - Shades, Sunflare & Self-portrait

I wanted to get a shot of the flare w/Owen wearing my shades today. He had other ideas, so I gave it a go myself. 15 self-shots later I got something. haha. Hope the neighbors weren't watching. Here's my new hair color, too. I colored it a few weeks ago on from a box. Loreal's 5G I believe. ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 272 - Funky Chicken

I've been wanting to take some pics of O in his chicken costume and also try out my grey seamless paper. Today I conquered both...through a lot of bribery and a package of gummies.

A few weeks ago he told me he wanted a tail. It was so cute. I told him he had a tail on his costume and so he was excited to check it out here.

And my personal favorite of the day, it just makes me laugh -

Day 271 - Morning

He looked so peaceful sleeping in our bed the other morning. He did the mid-night move to our bed and left me sandwiched between his father and him on this particular night. Rarely do I even get up before him to see him sleeping, he is my alarm, but yesterday I had to get up earlier than normal. I think I may need to start doing that more often! It was nice to have some time to myself instead of hitting the ground running. The morning light was coming in through the open window...fall is here! My only wish is for him to have been facing it. Oh well. I still think its beautiful. I have to wonder if I see him sleeping when he is 30 if it will still melt my heart the way it does now. Something tells me yes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 270 - Lil Devil

The photo speaks for itself. Some days more than others.

In other news, my right shift key is messed up and its really ticking me off. Thanks to? The little devil.

Day 268 - Jordo

My sister and nephew came over for a visit on Saturday afternoon. Here's one of my faves of Jordo from the day. He's got the Young family curls! He's almost as hard, or harder, to photograph than my son!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 266 - Boo!

Awww, its getting to be my favorite time of the year! Fall/ time! I just wanted to share my cute halloween wreath (idea stolen from my friend Sarah last year). This is sooo super easy! All you do is get one of those cheapy grapevine wreathes and spray paint it black. Then you get some of the spider web cotton stuff (nice name, huh) that strings from somewhere like JoAnn Fabric. It even comes with little spiders in it that you can put in the web, which I did last year. This year I bought that springy spider and hung him in the center. Tadaa, easy Halloween wreath.

In other news...get your remotes and get ready! FINALLY...GREY'S ANATOMY starts in an hour and half. Woot!!!

Day 265 - After

You may remember me posting some before shots of the studio and some progress shots. Yesterday I took some after shots. Parts of the studio are still a work in progress, in particular the garage entry way. I have to work on the gallery display out there, but to give you an idea of how we've come along here are some after shots for ya!

Client Entry

Garage-Curtain installed (to hide the stuff, steps stained and risers installed, new paint, gallery to come)

Entering Studio

Shooting Space

View leaving studio

My entry off kitchen

This has been so fun bringing my vision to life. A big thanks goes out to my hubby, my biggest fan and supporter, for all his hard work!

Day 262 - Family Shoot

On Sunday afternoon I had a family shoot. I've got to say it was my toughest session to date! The kids were adorable, but we had a very busy 2-year old. :) I can totally relate with my little busy body. Here's one of my favorite shots from the session. This little man is just too precious!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 261 - Gladefest

Today we had to watch our friends little boy, Owen's big buddy D. He showed up a little before 11 and after I took O to the doc to get his snot nose checked out, we came back and loaded up and went to the Gladefest. Gladeville is a tiny community not far from here. Its actually where O goes to school. Hubs and I were on a mission - to wear these boys out in hopes of nice afternoon naps! We started at the antique car show and picked up our lunch on the way there, burgers for us adults, dogs for the kids, fries for all to split. After the cars - that the boys couldn't seem to keep their hands off after a while - we went to the inflatables. The boys managed to bounce off some of their energy. Then we headed over to the elementary school where there were games going on. We didn't buy any tickets so no games were played by us, but after leaving there we treated the boys to snow cones. I was a little leary as to how these two would behave today. Normally when they get together they are great one minute and fighting the next, but I have to say for the most part they have been great! AND - O took a 4 hour nap, and D took a 3 hour. Mission accomplished. ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 260 - Blue Seamless

I've been wanting to play on my blue seamless paper in the studio and what better way than to make a pic for our friend. Happy Birthday, Sandy! It only took about 20 shots to get one decent one!

ps-my kid does wear clothes sometimes...he doesn't live in a diaper and a hat...although it may look like that from my shots. Ha!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Wha??

Oh blog. My poor, poor blog...I've almost just deserted you! I'm so behind. Could it be because 9 out of the past 14 days have been spent away from home for me and little man? Wow. I've never been more happy to get to my home than I was on Tuesday morning. We are all out of sync, and to top it off I've now got some sinus funk going on. As does O. I went to the doctor today and got a Zpack to go ahead and knock it out of me. Fall needs to just go ahead get here to stay and stop this hot/cold crap. Everything is probably just catching up to me finally! For "Day Wha??" I'm going to just compile a lot of my favorite recent photos becuase I'm so far behind and haven't been shooting everyday to be honest.

Let's see...where did I leave off? Labor day weekend. We spent the weekend with family at the lake. The guys made a lot of good progress on the basement, which we're all hopeful they can complete by Christmas. Here's a sweet shot from that weekend of O giving his little cousin A a smooch on the cheek.

We came home on Labor Day only to recharge for 3 nights and head out again to my parents home in Kentucky. Owen and I went up on Thursday afternoon, along with the dog. We were loaded down! On the trip we were driving through this teeny town and I looked over at a junk store and saw a red chair sitting out there. I whipped around and bought it as a prop for $5...score! Over the weekend at my moms I had three sessions there on my parents land. My dad scouted out a nice location for me with some beautiful purple ironweeds blooming. Here's some shares from two of my sessions and also some other shots that I took while home.

The Red Chair:

And one from another session

My moms love affair with hummingbirds is wearing off on me. Jeesh, I'm turning into my mother! :O

My sweet nephew, J

My dad with his new horse, Patty

She's so pretty!

Wild turkey's on my parents land. At one point I counted 16!

And lastly, my new fave photo of little man! Oh the light. The LIGHT! It was just gorgeous. And wouldn't you know it...all he wanted to wear was his chocolate milk t-shirt. I even tried to bribe him into another shirt with no luck. Oh well. Chocolate milk t it is!

And in other exciting news, Tiffany from On The Spot Studio redesigned my logo and its now finished! I'm re-branding and going to start working on some marketing materials soon so I was ready for a fresh logo. Here it is! Inspired guessed it...little man O.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 246 - Doughnups

That's how O says doughnuts. His favorite are the chocolate glazed. Yesterday on the way to the lake we stopped at a doughnut shop and picked up a load of donuts, kilaches, donut holes, the works. He wanted one in the car so when he proclaimed he was done, I looked back to see he had eaten only the chocolate top off. ha! Here's a few shots of him this morning. The windows in the lakehouse provide amazing light! Its been a full day and I'm tired. He woke up at 6:30 this morning and after a rough night on the air mattress with him I got up to a must have coffee morning. Around 11:30 my sister and law and I headed into Murray to pick up some groceries and run a few errands. The men of the house(s) have been working on hanging drywall in the basement. I'm beat and think I may head to bed. Soon.