Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 275 - Walden Farm Pumpkin Patch

This morning Owen and I met my sister and nephew at a Pumpkin Patch called Walden Farm. I have to say this is the best pumpkin farm I have ever been to! Its so big and there was so much for the boys to do. We started off with the hayride, then walked around looking at some animals. In an effort to be a kid again and show Owen what face painting is all about I got a pumpkin painted on my face. It didn't work and I was then probably the only adult there with a pumpkin on her face. The boys played with a few toy booths they had there, and then Owen got to sit on a tractor, and ride a little ride that is pulled behind a lawn mower. By that time we were all hungry so we walked over and got some lunch, followed by a trip to the pumpkin/mums for sell section where we loaded up on some more pumpkins. It was a great time and here are some shares from our adventure.

For giggles, I'll share with you the things I didn't expect to find/learn/have happen at the pumpkin farm.
1-Baby calves pee for a reeeeaaallly long time
2-I sure didn't know that's how turkey's do "the deed"
3-Facepaint makes my face itch
4-Who knew Owen would pee on my hand at a pumpkin farm during his first time using a porta-pottie. Oh joy. Thank goodness for baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

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  1. What a great day you had!!!! Your "giggles" cracked me up!!!! LOL!!!!