Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 296 - Domestic Violence Coalition

On Saturday a photog friend and I went downtown to photograph a ceremony for the Domestic Violence Coalition of Nashville. We have a friend that works for the Sheriff's department downtown and he asked us last year to do this event & again this year. Its such a moving and touching event. Its an awards ceremony for the year and also a remembrance ceremony. At the end the names of all those killed due to domestic violence for the year are read aloud and family members, friends, etc throw a rose off the bridge into the Cumberland river as a tribute to them.

There are friends

And children

There are smiles - this woman and her children are now free from her abuser.

There are tears

There is reflection and remembrance

And tribute

Its such a touching event and I'm glad to be able to capture some of the moments from the event.

In other news - my boys just walked in from a weekend at the lake! My mom and grandmother came to visit this weekend. They stayed here with me Friday night and my sister came over and we had a ladies night. We went to eat Mexican and then to Target and JCPenney. It was so much fun. Saturday night I went over to my sisters and ate dinner with them. This morning I went to Church where I had to work mediashout, then I came home and relaxed. Its been a very nice weekend. I'm glad to have my boys home finally. Now for a big spaghetti dinner. :)

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