Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 307 - Waiting for Uncle Matt

Its been a whirlwind of a week since last Wednesday. My little brother - I say little, but he's actually 22 - flew in from Texas last Wednesday night for a surprise visit for my mom. We went to the airport a little early that night and waited in the cell phone waiting lot and watched some planes land and take off. Here, we are waiting for him to come out of baggage claim. It was so fun, I haven't seen him since May! (Please forgive the not so great pictures, it was dark and they are noisy and I am waaaay behind so I'm in a hurry).

And here he his flip flops mind you!

I love this shot, I love the smile on Chris' face seeing his little brother-in-law for the first time in a while.

And O with his Uncle Matt

Keep reading on to Day 308 to see how the surprise went!

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