Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 317 - A New Prop

I am so excited about my new find at Christmas Village today. Can you believe this sleigh was only $59?!? I can't wait to take some pics with it. :)

My sister met me at Christmas Village this afternoon. Its kind of becoming a tradition for us. Today was a day moms with little boys dream of for me...the boys went to a football game and I went shopping! ;) A quick story from our trip. We were browsing around looking at all the booths when I looked down at my nephew in his stroller to find him chewing on an ornament! As it turns out, he had innocently snagged an ornament from his stroller a few booths back. What is the best part is that it was a letter S. My sister's name is Sarah. I guess he was shopping for his momma a gift. LOL!

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