Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 189 - Favorite Things 2

My Pandora Bracelet. Chris gave this to me this past Christmas and I just love it. What is so nice about it is 1-you can pick out charms that represent something special to you. 2 - No two bracelets are the same. 3 - the store we get most of the beads from has a wishlist. I simply go in and pick out some of my favorite things and hubby can go shop off the list. Easy cheesy for him.

I'll give you a rundown of my current beads and what they represent, from left to right.
1-I think this one is called a love knot
2-silver bead with Owen's birtstone dangling from it
3-The Bible
4-Clasp-these are used to seperate the bracelet into 3 sections so the beads don't slide all around. This one is silver with a dot of gold on top. There's another one on here as well.
5-The letter C, for my husband Chris
6-Birthstone bead, to represent my birthstone the diamond, but this one is a CZ.
7-The letter O, for my son Owen
8-Glass bead with turquoise dots. One of my favorite colors. I used a gift card given to me by my great friend to buy this one. I think of her when I look at this one.
9-Cupcake, a gift from Chris and O for me on my birthday. Has a dot of gold on the top. Cupcakes remind me of O's first birthday party. I made about 70 cupcakes all by myself!
10-Happy Fish-this is my newest bead. I got it last week while we were in Murray visitng at the Lake. It represents fun times at the lake with family and, of course, fishing. Owen named this fish Milly (from the show Team UmiZoomi).
11-Another clasp.

That's all I have for now! Still plenty of room to customize and add memories to.

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  1. What a neat bracelet!! I think I may need to look into getting myself one :O)