Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 192 - Favorite Things 5

Pasta. Oh pasta. You are my frenemy! I would swear somewhere deep in my bloodline there must be some Italian...although I really don't think there is. I love PASTA! I want to go to Italy just to eat. I could eat it everyday. That bad part is my belly/thighs/hips/arms also love pasta. Unfortunately it likes to stick to them. ;)

And here's a sweet share of my two favorite people yesterday before Church. Owen looks so big here! He's growing up on me.

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  1. Hey Melissa - love the blog! I'm doing something similar, a year in photos. Do you know of any good groups / networks to join, of other people doing the same thing? I have to admit, I'm doing it somewhat in isolation, but I've suddenly realised I should probably network a bit! :)

    My blog is at - though your photos are a lot better than mine :)