Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 209 - Swimming

Wednesday evening we went swimming in our neighbors pool. Well, the boys went swimming. I sat on the deck and watched and chatted with the neighbor. I'm so proud of how well O is doing in the water these days. He doggy paddled all the way across the entire pool almost to me. Go O! I never got him in swim lessons this year. I wonder if the Y is still offering them? I love the way the lighting was here and the way the water looks.

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  1. Girl, if you can, totally do swim lessons this year. From my experience with my 3.5 year old, it was horrible. Their will is really strong at that age (and he is usually a really cooperative little guy for the most part), not for swim lessons! My two year old did wonderful! They are so much more open to new things at that age. And she can now pretty much swim without help in the water, hold her breath, face in, swim. I feel like she can save herself if she ever fell in the pool and I didn't see it happen. Totally worth it! But don't do the mommy & me classes, do one with an instructor where you are out of the water.