Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 190 - Favorite Things 3

Oh boy. There are lots of favorites in the picture. The coffee station - my favorite coffee cup (The Copco from Bed Bath & Beyond re-usable coffee mug that looks like a store mug with pink band), My Keurig Coffee Maker (the best coffee maker ever), Vanilla Caramel Creamer (I'm totally addicted), the jar of coffee that is my favorite of the store brands (Maxwell House Master Blend), and the backsplash and countertop. I like a lot of things in the pic, clearly. I'm a huge coffee drinker. Sometimes I start thinking about my morning cup of joe the night before and get excited. I didn't get enough this morning and am now thinking about it. I need to get my teeth whitened. ;)


  1. Is it bad that I want one of those coffee makers and I'm not even a coffee drinker :).

  2. Oh my, those are all of my favorite things too. I am totally with you on thinking about that cup (or two:) of coffee the night before and getting excited. LOVE the backsplash also!