Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125 - Ponder

O was lounging in his little adirondack chair this morning and I grabbed my camera. In typical fashion he got up before I could get out there, but I convinced him to sit back down for a little bit. I got a few cute snaps of him, but this one I thought is so cute. He looks like he's really pondering something. Probably not the case and just coincidence. We are hosting our Church small group at our house tonight. Its naptime now and I'm taking a little break from cleaning. Now on to conquer the kitchen floors. Yuck. Then I have to make a lasagna. Busy day! We were at the grocery this morning at 10...its Senior Discount day. There's a table with food and juice & they save 10%! What the heck, Kroger? Where's the stay-at-home mom discount day? I say they install a free cocktail bar for the moms and a play area for the kids and us moms would be there for a while then spend a lot after hitting up that cocktail bar! ha!


  1. I like your idea about stay-at-home mom day and a cocktail bar :O) This is adorable!