Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 138 - Wanna go to Mamaws house!

From the time his little toes hit the floor yesterday, Owen was so excited to go to Mamaw and Poppy's house. I've been talking the trip up to him. Its his first extended stay there with them in Kentucky. I think all parties involved are a little nervous, but so far its going great! Tonight I leave for Florida with my girlfriends. Its our annual trip to Seaside. Pure relaxation and fun with the ladies. I've been counting down the "sleeps" for days now...its finally here. I took this shot yesterday not long before I left to come back to Nashville. I, of course, was more upset about leaving than he was me leaving. Which is a good thing, makes me proud that I could tell him I was leaving and he was okay. O and my dad were getting ready to go on a 4-wheeler ride. He loves it. I can't wait to hear of all his adventures while he's there.

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