Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 154 - Don Fox Park

O & I met some friends at Don Fox Park today and he had his first wading pool experience. He really enjoyed it I think, but it didn't last for too long. He soon spotted the big playground area and wanted to go over there and play so I took him over. I've got to get him in some swimming lessons soon. He's still kind of skiddish around water. Water play + playground play + full belly = a long nap today. Maybe we will go to the park everyday. ha!

Last night hubs, Owen and I all attempted to go furniture shopping together. It was not a pleasant trip. Huge mistake. Owen was jumping from couch to couch in the stores and would scream and cry when we held him then promise to be good in the next one. 3 hours & 4 stores later we just went home without anything. Needless to say, I didn't have a post for yesterday. Today I got smart - the babysitter came and watched O for us tonight! I should have left Chris home with the sitter, too! ha! After a long, hard battle we finally bought a new couch. My brother is buying our old furniture from us and coming to take it this weekend so we're kind of in a hurry. But I found a sectional that I am in total love with. I will save the pics for when it gets here. Its so beautiful. I never knew I could be so excited over a piece of furniture. I suppose I'm showing my age. Anyway, next Tuesday is couch pick-up day and it can't come soon enough. :)

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  1. It's hard to believe that this little cutie can give you such a hard time. Glad that you found a new couch! YIPPEE!!