Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 166 - Orchid

I love orchids. They are so pretty. They sell them in pots now at Kroger and they're called Just Add Ice Orchids. You only have to put 3 ice cubes in them a week and they live for a while! Hubby bought me this one a while back and its starting to die. I just went grocery shopping tonight and they have all kinds of them in different colors and they're only $4.99! So pretty. I'm gonna have to get me another one when this one bites the dust.


  1. That sounds awesome! I think I could grow an orchid like that! I've always wanted one, but never wanted to pay $25 for something I know I would kill!

  2. Hello Melissa - great blog! Thank you for your comments and supporting Just Add Ice Orchids! The Just Add Ice watering method offers a perfectly safe and easy way to care for phalaenopsis orchids. The easiest way to kill an orchid is to overwater it and by using 3 ice cubes a week, phalaenopsis orchids receive the perfect amount pre-measured water each week! Be sure to visit our website for additional orchid care tips from our orchid experts!