Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 177 - More Lake Fun

Hubby finally stopped working on his parents lakehouse this afternoon and had some fun on the lake with us! After O woke from his nap, we loaded up and headed down to the boat for some fishing and swimming. It was so much fun! Hubby had been working on the boat while O napped and saw all kinds of fish jumping so he decided to cast and he caught 2 fish before we even got down there. We went out in the middle of the bay and dropped anchor and O was ready to go swimming! It makes me so happy that he is having fun on the water. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve being on the water and camping with our cousins. I'm so so happy that he will get to grow up on the water and spending so much time at the lakehouse with his cousins. He got in our new raft a lot - which we dubbed his boat - and the water was divine. I had to get a shot of this hair....oh this hair just kills me. I'm in love with his hair, as much as my curly hair drives me bonkers, I'm in love with his! Here he was sitting on the back of the fishing boat by the ladder eating some chips. He spent a lot of time hanging out by the ladder. :)

After we finished swimming, we decided to troll along the bank and try to fish. That's where I caught my first catch of the season. Man was she a beauty. All 2 ounces of her! She was about as big as this one that hubs caught and let O crank in. We caught a total of 5 today...I only caught one. That's okay. I'm saving up for the big guy.

On our way back to the dock, I asked Chris to position the boat where I could take a photo of the house from the water. This is the new Weber Lakehouse. It's just beautiful. I can't wait to make a lot of memories here.

The sunset was finally so pretty tonight. I was tired from taking photos today, but I'm glad I drug my camera our for one last capture of the day. It was well worth it! Look at the beautiful pink sky reflecting on the water.

And one last fun shot from the day. The next door neighbors out here got 2 new brand spanking new jet skis. They are sharp! This was my favorite capture of Joe on his new toy.

Now I am off to join my hubby on the deck for our last night here. We leave tomorrow around lunch. But will be back very soon!


  1. Melissa, these are beautiful!! I LOVE LOVE his curls too :O) The sunset pictures is stunning! Great job!

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!! Those curls are so darn cute!!! That sunset... breathtaking....

  3. I love the sunset picture - its my favorite -