Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 176 - Fun in the Sun

Owen had a BLAST playing in his pool today here on the deck at the lakehouse. I had a blast taking pictures of him...I got a little pic happy. He was doing so great in there - leaning back and getting his hair wet, pouring water over his head and then Granna tried to teach him to blow bubbles. I'm so happy to see him having fun in the water because he's always been a little skiddish of water in his face. Looks like he's made a breakthrough!

All that fun in the sun left this little one plum tuckered out. He fell asleep in his daddy's arms at the table as he was reading him The Little Engine That Could. It was just precious.

Tonight we did a trial run for next weekends big firework show when the whole family will be here. Hubs went down and shot off 3 fireworks for me to practice taking pictures of. I've never taken pics of fireworks before and desperately want to catch a shot of some over the lake next weekend. Here's one of the results from tonights attempt.

We stayed up late last night and then I got up early with O today. I also caught an afternoon nap with him, so now I'm awake and everyone else has gone to bed. I may watch a little tv and call it a night...or get sucked into clickinmoms!


  1. What a fun day! Love all the water pictures :O)

  2. Looks like he had lots of fun. And great job on the fireworks shot. I have failed miserably each time I try. Maybe this year will be better.

  3. Looks like he was having a blast.. Love the sleeping pictures also... so sweet!