Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 159 - Hello Beautiful Bella

The couch has arrived! And her name is Bella. hahaha! Hubby picked up the new couch today and his brother helped him move her in. She's lovely. People have been giving me grief for getting an ivory couch with a toddler...and perhaps it will turn out to be a mistake, but at least she's leather and we did get the protection plan. She's just too beautiful and I couldn't resist. :) Now if I can get the hubby out of what I think will be "The Seat" and O to bed, I can sit down and test her out. :)


  1. Oh la la!! I love the new couch!!

  2. Oh she's beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition... LOL!

  3. Oh, I want a Bella!!!! She is a beauty! Congratulations!!!