Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 216 - Blazing

Holy freakin cow. It has been so blazing, disgusting, awful and hot. Its just miserable! Wow. It has been quite a day. This morning around 10am Owen locked us out of the house. Yep. At that time it was 92 degrees with a feels like temp of around 103 I think. I stripped him down and let him swim in our cooled off hottub while I laid on the deck and sweated as we waited for Chris to get home and let us in. Seriously? The hottest day of the year this happens. Thank God it was this morning and not this afternoon, because it just got hotter. Around 3 today, with nothing to do but stay in the cool or go out in the heat, I decided to take O to Marble Slab for some ice cream. It was awesome. And cool. Literally. I got my favorite, swiss chocolate with peanut butter blended in, and he got vanilla with sprinkles. Next time I'll get him mine because he liked it better. :)

After ice cream we ran into Children's place and then headed to get O his first salon haircut! He's had his hair cut twice before by his granna, but never been in the official chair. I called up to the salon I go to and got him an appointment for today. I figured this would be a nightmare, honestly. He did so amazing! He sat there in the chair, perfectly still, with his little cape of cars on, and she was done in less than 10 minutes. I was so proud! And he looks so cute. I don't have an after pic, but here are some of his first official salon cut. ;)

On another note. I have no photo from yesterday, but jeez luiz was it a busy day. O went to his sitter yesterday and I was so productive. Errands, errands, and more errands. Perhaps the most exciting errand though was a trip to White Lightning downtown. YAY!!! I got some studio equipment!!! I have an AB800 already, so I bought a softbox for it and a stand. I also got another receiver to use on my speedlight with a smaller stand to use for backdrop/fill. After that trip, I ran into Joann fabric to look a their foam core board and scored some frames for the entry to the studio on sale 1/2 off. I've got 3 prints that are just waiting for frames but frames are always so high. They happened to be 1/2 off yesterday. Cha-ching! Last night, I placed my order for a new logo update and also scored some materials that I may use to put together a welcome packet. Things are slowly coming along for the studio. I'm so excited! Now, if we can just ship O to his Grannas for a weekend and actually work on setting this all up/getting the rest of what I need and figuring out what the heck I'm doing. ;)

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  1. What beautiful lighting in Marble Slab! Oh how I miss that place!! Sorry about getting locked out :O(