Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 232 - Oh, the mess!

On Friday, O went to spend the weekend with his Granna and Pops in KY. Chris and I spent a lot of time working on the garage this weekend. The main thing we got accomplished was the what will be entry to the studio that comes through the garage. This is the BEFORE. Oh my gosh, what a mess!! This is my husbands "domain" and I have to tell is a WRECK! Wow. Anyway. I took this shot Friday night. I'll have to post an after later. Basically we painted the concrete wall with a fresh coat of white paint. Then we painted the upper portion of that wall a bluish grey color. He sanded the steps and stained them. And we painted the railing white. We then hung a pole that will hold a curtain that my neighbor is going to help me make that runs the length of the garage. People will come through the walk through door and walk up the steps...where I will display photos, etc...and pay no mind to the junk behind the curtain hopefully. ha! It took all day Saturday and we were spent afterwards.

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