Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 224 - Metro

Hi. I'm Metro. My name comes from when my mom rescued me from Metro Nashville Schools Transportation Parking Lot. I'm a street dog. I'm smart. I like to run. I like to chase birds, rabbits and hunt moles. I run streaks at night and they call me White Lightening. I'm a 65 pound lapdog. I'm scared of storms. I hate the FedEx/UPS delivery trucks and am finally warming up to the bug man after years. I like to come in the house, but never use the potty inside. I get up on the patio furniture at night if I don't get let in the garage to sleep and this ticks my mom off. I have eyes that look human. My hair is crazy like my moms. I'm not sure what breed I am. I'm white with some brown spots, but mostly in this pic you just see dirt. I need a bath.

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