Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 223 - Night Swim

O was begging to go swiming in the hottub tonight, so after dinner he and Chris got in. They were in there forever and this was the first time he was in there in the dark. I decided to play with my flash off camera since I finally got it to fire off camera today. wahoo!! My hubby's friend is over here and he was bouncing it off different things for me while I took pics of the two of them in the hottub. It was so fun and so cool! I worked on setting up my alien bee the other night with the softbox and got it all set up. I was having a hardtime getting my speedlight to fire, though. Today I got it to work...I double checked the batteries to make sure they were in there and in there good and it worked! ha Now I need to read and learn about them and what the heck I'm doing. Its so much fun already! I can't wait to paint up there and get some backdrops and borrow a baby to take photos of. Luckily my friend has twins, so if one doesn't want to cooperate maybe the other will. haha!

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  1. Love it!! Go crazy on the twins! :) E is the cheeser. But N is sitting up good. So guess it depends who is in the best mood:) You are doing great!!!!!!!!!