Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 346 - Snow

We've been getting snow all day today, which is somewhat rare for us! We started out this very cold day by going to Church, followed by a trip to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. I love the innocence of children. Owen sweetly asked as we were on our way, "Daddy, how far is the North Pole?" It melted my heart, I guess he thought we were driving there. We explained Santa was at the mall today. :) Bass Pro is amazing at Christmas time, and who knew there were 1,200,694, 209 different kinds of fishing polls. Jeez luiz. Anyway, he got to play with some of the toy displays and then had his turn on the big mans lap where he frowned and would not speak. Hilarious.

We got home a little after 2:00. I put O's jammies on him and put on my comfy clothes and we've stayed in all day. The snow keeps coming down and all the surrounding county school are out tomorrow. We've probably gotten roughly 2 inches I would guess, which is probably nothing to some of you. :) I took this one of O looking out the window at the snow. I love his little curl sticking out from the side of his head. While snuggling on the couch for a little bit today he asked me where Santa's sleigh was today. I explained he probably parked it on the roof. Some of these questions I find myself totally unprepared for! ;)

I forgot to move Jom last night. . . that's the name of our Elf on a Shelf Elf. Its pronounced Jon, but Jom. I don't know where he's getting these names...kind of like his "brother named Eppie that he has that lives close to his Mamaw in Infield." That was news to me yesterday. He's so funny. I have to remember to move Jom tonight. Luckily O didn't notice today. He is at such a great age for Christmas. I love it.

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  1. How fun! We had flurries, but nothing was sticking. Ben wants to have enough snow this year to build a snowman. I hope he gets his wish! The south is nice, enough snow to satisfy you without the hassle of everything else that comes with it! Merry Christmas!