Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 347 - Train

I helped Owen set up his train track this morning and he played with it for a little bit. A little birdie tells me that his Gran Gran just may have gotten him some additional pieces to it for Christmas. :) Him playing here in his jammies by the tree with the stockings in the background looked like the perfect picture for this snowy day.
We had a little scare this morning. I had to call poison control. Owen bit into a cascade dishwasher packet. Jeesh. The man said he should be okay but just to watch him for skin irritation. He has his 3-year checkup this afternoon so we'll let the doctor know what happened, too. I hear there is no school tomorrow, which does not make me happy. Its Owens last week before the long holiday break and I was hoping to enjoy it. Sigh. Snow oh snow. We have a love/hate relationship these days.

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