Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 354 - My Little Family Christmas

Today O and I went to visit some friends at my old work. Its always nice to see them and feels like I just left. I can't believe its been 3 years. We had a yummy lunch, too. When we got home we both crashed out on the couch and had too long of a nap....I wonder if he will ever fall asleep tonight?

We decided to exchange our family gifts tonight on a whim. At Owens request I started a fire first:

Owen helped pass out the presents

He's a really good helper when it comes to opening. :) Daddy went first and got 2 pairs of new shoes (one that he knew about because O showed them to him a few weeks ago), a dress shirt, some coveralls (that I didn't wrap) and a new travel coffee mug.

Then it was time for me to open the mystery gift that Chris and O made for me. I was so excited to see this....although a little birdie named Owen had already spilled the beans on what it was. Chris kept saying things like, "Its a lawn mower" or "Its a firetruck" last week and Owen said, "No its not! Its a laptop stand!" So funny. I had told Chris that I wanted one of those lap desk thingy-ma-jigy's that you sit your laptop on and its cushioned underneath. By golly, my very own Bob Villa made me one! And I love it, its so special to me. He and Owen painted on the top of it. Love it! They also got me a pair of shoes, a digital frame and a wireless mouse. Its a shoe Christmas here. :)

I told Chris before we did this that I didn't have a gift for Owen to open. Santa is done shopping and has already delivered the goods to my moms house where we will be on Christmas morning a few weeks ago. I didn't even think about keeping something out to give to Owen from us! Sure enough, after we finished opening our gifts it happened. In the sweetest little voice Owen said, "Its my turn. Where's my present?" Chris and I just looked at each other and I stammered, "Ugh....well, hang on." I dug out from under the tree a gift for his cousin and let him open it! LOL! BTW, please ignore the fact that my shirt is on inside out...I didn't notice until I'd been wearing it this way for hours this afternoon.

I then said, "I think there's one more thing" and asked him and Chris to go to the bonus room. I loaded up his stocking with his stocking stuffers and we let him open it, too. :)I explained to Owen that he would be getting more gifts from Santa on Christmas! Who knew this Santa gig could be so tricky!

And that's it. Our little family Christmas. Perfect. Here's one last one of daddy with his new shoes on...they match Owens. :)

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