Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 358 - Christmas Eve

Aww, Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year. Its tradition for us to always go to my granny's house. There's nothing like your mommas cookin...and when your momma cooks like her momma...there's nothing like your granny's cookin! :) It started snowing Christmas Eve morning and the boys went out for a 4-wheeler ride in the snow. Of course I made them wear the festive hats. Here's Chris, O and my brother Matthew gearing up for a snow ride!

Jordo is still a bit young to be out riding in the snow, so he was a festive little reindeer in the house nice and cozy warm!

After naptime and getting cleaned up we all headed to my grandmother's house for yummy meal and presents. This was the first of the gift madness this year! Owen was so excited to get his train parts from Gran Gran.

We put the boys in their Christmas Jammies and took a few pictures before the snowy ride back out to my moms.

The snow started falling again while we were at my grandmothers and the sky just poured it down. It was truly going to be a white Christmas. Once we got back to my moms house I went out in the middle of the snow covered road to take a photo of the Christmas lights at her house. Here's the big tree my brother decorated. It looked beautiful with the snow on the ground and branches.

Owen must have been really excited for Santa to come because he did not fall asleep until around 11:00. My mom, sister and & I were busy being little elves getting everything together in my moms room with the door locked. ha! Once he finally fell asleep, SANTA CAME! I think this was just as exciting, if not more, for me than O. I couldn't wait to see his and Jordon's face on Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

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