Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 349 - A Big Bowl

On Tuesday Owen started running a fever and slept nearly all day...this is soooo not like him. I knew at that time something was up, I just wasn't sure what. I had just gotten him the flu shot booster on Monday so I didn't know if he was having flu-like symptoms from that or picked up something at the doctors office. Momma was not happy. He wasn't eating well either and was just pitiful when his motrin or tylenol weren't kicked in. Wednesday morning he woke up to another low grade fever so I kept him home. He still had his lack of appetite so when he asked for some popcorn I happily made him some. I told him to pick out a bowl...he chose the BIGGEST bowl in our entire house. He literally can fit inside the bowl. You pick your battles. The size of the bowl wasn't one I wanted to fight at the time. Here he's enjoying his snack in the bowl as big him and cheesing for the camera.

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