Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34 - The Boys

This is O (on the left with the wild bed head) and his best buddy, Drew. Drew came over to our house bright and early this morning because his daycare was opening late. I took him in for his momma. But before we left the boys had a little time to play and watch Cars...that's what they are doing here. It was perfect. I told Owen to lay like Drew...he did because he always wants to be like his buddy...and then I snapped. Well the flash distracted them. I only got this one of them laying down, but I love it. I had to lighten it up quite a bit and also played with actions and textures on it. Boys will be boys and these boys love their cars. The movie. The cups. The car toys are strewn in the background. Boys. Gotta love them. But man I hate that brass plate around the fireplace...must change that this year! :)


  1. your processing!

  2. I love your processing too. Boys do love their cars! And you are cracking me up about the fireplace ;)