Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44 - Woodpecker?

Maybe? That's what the hubby said anyway. I've taken an interest in birds lately. More specifically in trying to get pictures of birds. I have no clue what the different birds are but they are always in our backyard and around here. I'm wanting to make some more of those homemade bird feeders with Owen and get some bird seed/feeders. Then maybe I can get some good bird pics! I took this one today through the front door after Chris told me that there was a woodpecker in the tree. I always thought woodpeckers were bigger, but maybe this one is a baby? Or better yet I'm probably just dumb when it comes to birds! This probably isn't even a woodpecker. That would be funny. It's not perfect, and my focus is a little off, but I guess its a start to my bird pics. I'm probably gonna need to use my tripod for some of these so I need to get my feeders in place. :)