Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59 - Bittersweet

Today was a sad day for me. You may recall a few weeks ago I posted about being mad at my big dog, Metro, because he bit my small dog. The week after the biting happened I took my Yorkie, Gomer, to meet my dad who is a Veterinarian in Kentucky. As it turns out my little dogs arm (leg) was actually broken in the fight. To make a long story short, my mom brought him home to us this weekend on her trip down to visit. After talking with my mom, I talked her into keeping Gomer. Indefinitely. This morning I dropped him off to her because she stayed with my sister last night. I had no idea how sad I would get as I was crying like a baby all the way home! Although he has really put me through the ringer and doesn't really behave all that well, he's still my dog and I do love him! I've had him for what would be 9 years this year. I know its a good thing. My mom has a little yorkie and they will play together and he will be much happier. He's just not getting the attention he needs and deserves here anymore and he will never learn and get along with the big dog. I'm happy that my mom took him and I can always see him or even bring him back home if I want. So. Its a bittersweet day for me and my photo of the day today is a collage tribute to my little Gomie.


  1. Such a tender story and photos. I guess we don't realize how we feel about people/pets until they are not a part of our lives anymore. Love the journaling you do with your posts by the way. What a great treasure for your family to have your daily thoughts recorded.

  2. You did the right thing girl! I'm sure he will be happy with your mom. Our poor dogs don't get the attention they deserve either. It is hard with kids in the house to spread yourself around. :(

  3. That story brings a tear to my eye. It shows exactly how much you love him :O) I love the photo collage!