Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39 - The $3.99 Hat

I stopped in a local gas station last week...Sugg's Creek Market to be exact. Uh huh, how's that for country sounding? hehe! As I was getting ready to pay I noticed they had a hat selection hanging on the wall. Mostly old caps, but this little (well bigger than I thought it was) blue hat was hanging up there and caught my eye. So I asked how much it was. It has probably hung on that wall for YEARS. It was only $3.99 and I was thinking that it would make a cute photo prop or hat for O, or both! After washing away the years of wall hanging this morning I wanted to get a pic of O in it. I got lucky with this shot. He wasn't really digging the hat, maybe because it was a little damp still from the washer, maybe because I actually wanted him to wear it, who knows. I did get several really cute (mommy goggles on) pics! This is my fave. Its got a little brim on the hat but its turned sideways on him. The hat matches his jammies that he is still in from last night. I'd say the $3.99 hat was a steal!

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  1. My little man has those pjs (from childrens palace) the reason I remember them so well is I only paid .99 for them. I think I bought like 3 pair! I love a good deal. He is such a cutie.