Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36 - My husband is sick. I hate my countertops.

Lysol pleeeeaaaaase be my friend. My husband came home sick today. Fever of 101.5. Jeesh. I've been on a lysol mission ever since he came down from his quarantine confinement in our bonus room to make something to eat. I even sprayed down the microwave buttons. I do not want my son or I to get this. I'm sooooo very over sickness. I'm hoping the groundhog was wrong and spring will come sooner rather than later. My title says it all. My pic today is probably my most uncreative yet...I'm lucky to even have a picture today...but it's life right now. These are his meds and my army of 1 lysol can and I'm embarrsed to even show my ugly mauve formica countertop. Our kitchen is going to be under remodel very soon hopefully. We're replacing this countertop, having our cabinets painted, installing a backsplash up to the cabinets of some sort and replacing hardware. Oh the hardware that we currently have. I will not even go there. I am very anxious for this to begin. Its one of the last things we need to do to our "fixer upper" that my hubs is so notorious for wanting to buy. But one thing always leads to another and I'm already thinking of ideas to do after the kitchen. Ughh. Anyway...way off topic here, but yes. My husband is sick. I hate my countertops. Here's hoping the Lysol spares me and O.

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