Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48 - Hello Mr. Blue

As I post this I'm watching an even more stunning blue bird at the feeder tree. He's! I don't feel like getting my camera and swithcing lenses again though. These birds are in love with our feeders hanging from our curly willow tree. I have to admit I think they are pretty cool to watch. And take pictures of. Oh, now there's a red bird/cardinal out there! So pretty. Anyway...I'm waiting on my in-laws to arrive. They should be here any minute to stay with Owen while we're away. I've been cleaning for forever it seems and have started to pack (lay things on the bed), but am not sure what all to take! I forget what 65 feels like! hehe. Tomorrow peeps, I'm leaving on a jet plane! Wahoo! Will try to blog from Vegas, but if not I'll certainly be taking pics. Talk soon!