Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35 - Me, My Camera, & My Straight Hair!

Today has been a crazy busy day. Amongst all the craziness, though, I was able to go to the salon and get my hair done. It was waaaay past due. Major root'age going on. It was so lovely to sit there and relax and read my book on my iPhone. Anyway, she straightened it out for me afterwards. This is something rarely seen - Mel with straight hair. I'm a curly headed gal by nature so I feel like a new woman when its straight! A new, sexy, straight-haired woman. haha! As fate would have it, it is of course raining now. I'm sure its just a matter of time before the kinky curls are back. Tis life. I'll enjoy it (and not wash it) for as long as I can. ;)


  1. Beautiful! I look forward to my salon visits..washing all they grey away that keeps popping up and an hour or two of me time.