Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60 - Grow Rose Bush, Grow

My photo was insired by a fellow 365 bloggers post yesterday. This is part of our knockout rose bushes. I'm hoping that sooner rather than later these balls/buds/whatever they are sprout out and turn into beautiful hot pink knockout roses! I do try to grow things, but for the most part I'm a brown thumb. I'm getting better with age and realizing they need WATER. haha! Anyway, for fellow brown thumbers who may want to give roses a try I definitely suggest knockout rose bushes. You have to do nothing to them! Ours get huge and lovely. They do get water from the rain and our sprinklers, but for the most part I don't touch them. Hubs trims them back yearly sometimes, sometimes not. These roses do all the work and make me look like a glorified green thumb. ;)


  1. I love those! We have thought about ripping out some of our bushes and putting those it. They bloom forever!!! My thumb is brown too. I have a plant that gets watered when it is really wilted. It doesn't grow, but it hasn't died either! Haha! Lvie the texture and comp here!

  2. I also LOVE these roses! Come on buddy :)