Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 84 - Say Click, Take a Pic

That's a song from Diego I believe. Funny how all these cartoons and crap get stuck in your head. What a waste of my memory! Why can't I remember things I want or need to remember, like last weeks discussion in my class on the colors of light that just made my head spin. But yet, here I am, remembering a stupid Diego song. Oh well. It makes for a great title for yesterday pic. :) O was pretending to take my picture while I was trying to take his. Here he's using my camera charger. We are leaving today to go to Murray for tonight for a visit. I still havn't packed so I must get busy! I'm going to see if Granna wants to give O a little haircut trim while we are there...its getting rather large. ha!


  1. what a great picture love it -

  2. What class are you taking? Sounds great! My memory stinks too. :( I feel like I lost half of my brain after having kids.