Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 77 - Dream, my sweet angel

I know all of us moms have our "mommy goggles", but I swear I think my child looks like an angel here. But don't they all when they are asleep? haha! This is a rare event in our house. Owen fell asleep on the couch today after lunch. This has happened maybe a handful of times in his life. He's currently napping in my bed. I'm trying out the whole napping in the big bed thing because I think we are so very close to converting his bed to his very own big boy bed. I think (and hope and pray) he's ready. We've tried going to a toddler bed before and it was a complete nightmare. We ended up having to revert back to a crib and get one of those crib tents to keep him in. I've really been talking up the big boy bed, bought him an ultra cute quilt from PBK, and plan to get some cute and comfy sheets. I'm in luck today. Babies r Us has 1 set of the conversion rails in and they are holding them for me. We may try to make this transition this weekend. May he forever have sweet dreams in his big boy bed to come!


  1. Good luck! Ben's bed converted to a toddler bed and then a full size bed. We really made a big deal about it all. He got a whole "new" room makeover when the full size bed went up. So much fun!

  2. No... it's not "mommy goggles" he really does look like an angel. Especially with the light reflected in his curls. So sweet!