Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 79 - Country Come to Town!

You will have to excuse my awful iphone picture from yesterday, but hopefully the funny story will make up for the lack of photo. I didn't take a single picture yesterday with my camera. It was one thing after another. The biggest event, though, was converting Owen's bed into his very own big boy full size bed!! I went to buy mattresses yesterday and had to come back later with the hubs to pick them up so he could tie them on the top of the car. It was hysterical. The wind was blowing and we had this box of twine strung out everywhere. Owen was sitting in his carseat wondering what the heck we were doing. Hubs tied twine around the drivers mirror so the door wouldn't open. Well guess who had to drive these blasted things home? Yep. You guessed it. That's me hanging out the window for the picture right before we left the mattress store. Luckily, we only live about 5 mile miles from the store. However, 4 of those 5 miles are out a pretty major highway. Luckily for me there is an emergency lane that I drove in most of the was as I was only going around 35 and laughing hysterically the entire way. Hubs had his arm out his window to feel the mattresses. I kept asking, "Are they moving? Are they gonna blow off?!"
I got a call on my cell from my sister-in-law at one point but didn't return it until I got off the main road. She said, "Did I just see you guys on the side of Mt. Juliet road with mattresses on your car?" We were cracking up! She said we were stopped in the emergency lane and Chris had his arm out and I was laughing. Maybe we were just going so slow that we appeared to be stopped! She said she thought to herself, "I think I'm related to those people." LOL! When we got home our neighbors were out and I pulled up in their driveway and Terry yelled, "Hey Rednecks!" We looked like Country come to town, for sure! :) Pardon my no pic from yesterday besides this one, but hope this story made you laugh. I'll take a pic of the big boy bed all set up for today's post. Its super cute!


  1. I'm laughing about the SIL seeing you "stopped" in the emergency lane. Too funny. Hope the transition is an easy one!

  2. I'm totally cracking up right now!!!! Happy Big Boy Bed, Owen!