Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65 - Spinwheel

I picked up this spinwheel pinwheel thing (whatever they're called) at Target today in the dollar section! Can I just say that I love the dollar section. :) Today was so awesome and I must have been feeling spring coming because I picked up several outdoor things for Owen. Bubbles, a bubble blower gun thing, bubble wand, sidewalk chalk. Then we went to Lowe's and I picked up a Diego Watering Can for him. Can you tell I have spring fever?!? He is going to be so much fun outside this year. And let me tell you, he loves to be outside! I love the sun flare off the spinwheel in the picture. I saw it happen when I was taking it because it nearly blinded me. When I went to look at it I was thinking the picture probably didn't turn out very well, but I'm really happy with it! I was trying to get photos of him in a bubble haze at this time, but he wasn't interested. So I settled on the spinwheel and am glad I did.


  1. How I miss Target, especially their dollar section!! Glad you found such good finds :O)

  2. Way to rock the full sun girl! I love the beautiful blue sky in the background.

  3. Yay for spring...Love the bright colors