Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67 - Draw

I took this picture today as part of my f-stop assignment for class tonight. I'm taking a photography class and this weeks assignment is on aperture. Nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh? I did take some last week so I guess I didn't totally procrastinate. I just didn't like them as much so I needed one more subject. I used the good ol' sidewalk chalk as my subject and I am happy now. :) It was fun to edit, too, although images for class have to be unedited.

Owen and I were outside bright and early today. Then we had lunch out here on the deck and he said the cutest things. He first said, "It's pretty." Then he said, "It's nice." He's appreciating the weather, too. This day. Oh this day! It's gorgeous. I'm sitting outside at this very moment. The weather is amazing. I hope it stays and I hope its just as pretty wherever you are reading this from.


  1. This is a great DOF. Good for you for taking a photo class, is it local or online? Just wondering.

  2. Hey Barb-its a class through a local colleges adult community ed program. Its really great, the teacher is awesome!