Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63 - Please Don't Poo on Me

That's all I kept thinking as I was hiding under the willow tree trying to get some bird pics today. It was kind of exciting because I was trying to be super still and quiet. I was only about 6-7 feet away from this guy. It was a nice afternoon here. I hope spring is coming soon!!! I initally started trying to get shots of Owen with the sky in the background, but the birds turned out to cooperate more. I got a lot of really cool bird shots. I was hoping a cardinal would come in but not such luck today. I think they like me...afterall they didn't poo on me! That I know of anyway. I had on my big coat and was tempted to put up the hood just in case one of these birds got crazy. BTW-anyone know what kind of bird this is?


  1. No idea about the bird, but what a beautiful shot. The sky is awesome! And the little birdie even has catchlights!

  2. Thanks Laurie! I too noticed his catchlights and thought that was pretty cool!

  3. Oh love this shot! Birds are hard!