Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83 - Another Bird

It was a beautiful day today! I sat outside during Owen's naptime and read and actually did get sunburnt on my arms. Today's post is of another little bird. Whoever coined the phrase "eats like a bird" and intended it to mean doesn't eat much, must have never had a bird feeder. Birds can eat! I should have had my camera when I was sitting there reading because they were just going nuts! Not sure what this guy is. Sooner or later I should learn my birds. Maybe its a finch. The tree that was once so bare is now starting to sprout its leaves. It makes for some good color and texture. I love this weather!


  1. You are quick on that trigger!! I am going to start calling you the bird whisperer. Great shot!

  2. Finch sounds about right. Great focus for a flighty bird. Great shot!

  3. I love your curly willow! And, yes, birds can eat- we go through 20 pounds of sunflower seeds every other week! I looked up your other bird, but wasn't for certain what it was. But, this bird is a chickadee! I love your 360 project! You're doing a great job! Also love your journaling!