Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 66 - Sidewalk Chalk

It was a gorgeous day here. I think it got up to 61 degrees! I also think we may have gotten a little sun on our faces. Our day was full it seems, but we spent a lot of it outside after Church and O's naptime. This afternoon Owen was introduced to sidewalk chalk for the first time. I noticed earlier coming in that he also drew on the seat of one of his little ride on toys. Here's hoping that rain washes chalk off a lot of different surfaces...patio stones, toys, decking...we shall see. I love this weather and tomorrow is supposed to be awesome, too! It will be another fun day of outside play I'm sure.


  1. Sidewalk chalk is awesome! And I haven't noticed it staining anything :) Ben draws parking spots and parks his toys in it. If Owen likes trucks, that is a great little activity :0)

  2. Yay for good weather! I haven't been brave enough to bust out sidewalk chalk but I know my daughter would love it. I think you have inspired me :O)