Monday, March 29, 2010

Lots o Days

Oh bloggity, blog....I've missed you. I'm so behind!
Day 85 - I've got nada! :O

Day 86 - Granna gives O a haircut. We went to Murray Friday night and stayed until around 5pm Saturday night. We got home around 8pm. Around 15 miles from home Owen got sick in his carseat. It was pitiful. He had to sit there in it until we got home. It was a long day and its nice to be home. Saturdays pic is of the haircut. He was not a happy camper here...obviously! He has short little curls now.

Day 87 - Again, I've got nada. What's my deal?!? I went shopping and bought myself some stuff at a store called Charming Charlie. I love it!

Day 88 - The Converse kicks. Here's O's little feet in his converse kicks today. It was one of my shots for class tonight. Our project this week was on people.
Hopefully I can get back on track from here! :)


  1. Missing photos or not... these are too cute! Love those sneakers!

  2. love the expression on her face -
    priceless - you need to keep that picture around!!!

  3. That haircut pictrue is cute beyond words! What a moment!