Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 151 - Hello Long Lost Blog!

Wow. When I went on vacation, apparently I WENT ON VACATION. Its been a long time since I've updated my blog, so be warned-this one will be picture heavy. :) And I've been bad by not even taking a photo a day. Look what happens to me when I go on vacay!

When I went to Florida on my girls trip to Seaside I honestly did not take many pictures. I guess that was the beginning of the blog strike. We ladies spent a lot of time on the beach and I just did not want to bring my camera out there with me all day. I did take a quick walk down our last night there for a few shots while we were waiting on our food at Crush Wine & Sushi Bar. Here's one of my favorites.

And here are my girlfriends waiting on our last dinner in Seaside.

We left to come back to our boys (its funny we all have little boys under the age of 3) early the next morning. I wanted to stop and get a picture of the Seaside post office before we left so I hopped out and took this one real quick. I wish the sky had been prettier this early in the morning, but no such luck.

Vacation was so nice and always passes so quickly. If you've never been to Seaside I highly suggest it. This is our third year going there and I just love it. While all good things must come to an end, it was also nice to get home to the hubby and O. However, my blog and photo strike continued last week. I took a few photos here and there, but nothing really worth posting.

On Friday we packed up and headed out of town yet again! We went to Murray, KY to my inlaws house to stay Friday night. They have recently built a new house on Kentucky Lake where they used to have a little rustic log cabin. Somehow, my husband and his brother talked them into knocking down the cabin and building a house. I swear, those two could sell ice to an eskimo! Anyway, the house is so very close to being completed and hubs wanted to go up and help move some things in and then we stayed out there for a few nights this weekend. The house is so awesome and I can't wait to spend more time out there this summer when its officially completed. I have a feeling its going to be a place that provides a lot of family get-together and memories. Chris also is helping his dad finish out the basement. Today they were working on framing out some more walls. I am amazed at how he knows how to do all of this stuff. We took O fishing for the first time. It was so cute. He was interested for all of a mili-second, so I spent and hour and 1/2 fishing with a Toy Story fishing pole on Saturday. ha! No luck. Yesterday morning Chris and O went fishing again and caught something....dum dum dum dum....a turtle! We named the turtle "Tootsie" in a story I was telling O before naptime yesterday. O and Chris also took several 4-wheeler rides. It was a nice time. Here's a collection of shots from the weekend on the lake.

Hope you've enjoyed my bit of catching up. The strike and vacation are over now. See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 139 - The Waiting is the Hardest Part!

My bags are packed and waiting by the friends from Kentucky have hit the road and are on their way to pick up myself and a friend here. Seaside, Florida here we come!!! Ahh, I can't wait!
I won't be blogging for a few days. I'll try to take my daily pic, but will upload when I return. Have a great week everyone!

Day 138 - Wanna go to Mamaws house!

From the time his little toes hit the floor yesterday, Owen was so excited to go to Mamaw and Poppy's house. I've been talking the trip up to him. Its his first extended stay there with them in Kentucky. I think all parties involved are a little nervous, but so far its going great! Tonight I leave for Florida with my girlfriends. Its our annual trip to Seaside. Pure relaxation and fun with the ladies. I've been counting down the "sleeps" for days now...its finally here. I took this shot yesterday not long before I left to come back to Nashville. I, of course, was more upset about leaving than he was me leaving. Which is a good thing, makes me proud that I could tell him I was leaving and he was okay. O and my dad were getting ready to go on a 4-wheeler ride. He loves it. I can't wait to hear of all his adventures while he's there.

Day 137 - Fly

Just a shot of O playing at bathtime the other night. My tub has become his tub. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 136 - Tootsies

I love these cute little tootsies! Dirty feet and all. :)

Day 135 - Jordon Turns 1

Whew. Yesterday was a whirlwind day...and picture heavy day! My nephew turned 1!!! Its so hard to believe, where is the time going? It sure does fly by the older I get. My sister threw a great 1st birthday party for him. The older kids, including the hubby, loved the bouncy house.

Jordon didn't know what to think of his smash cake. He was crying, yet eating it all at the same time. It was too cute. And that's my lovely little sister there with him in the one photo. A lot of people think we look a lot alike, but we just don't see it. Its just the hair. :)

After the party, we hurried home so I could get set up for a photo shoot. Here's one of my favorite shots from the session. This is sweet little Aven and these are his 1-year old pics.

I'm going to try to get his session edited before I leave for my girls trip to Florida on Wednesday. I can not wait to sit on the beach with my girls and relax. Fun times. Guess I better get busy!

Day 134 - Sunset

The sky looked so pretty after a rain shower on Friday night. I always want to get sunset pics but we have so many houses around its hard to. I climbed up on part of our deck railing and took this one. I've boosted the color a bit and it didn't look exactly like this in real life, but this one looks very pretty I think!

Day 133 - Last Day

Thursday was Owen's last day of school. He's officially home with momma for the summer now. So much for my Tuesday and Thursday 5-hour chuncks of free time. :) Guess I'll need to go find some crafts and things for us to do this summer. I'm sure we will spend lots of time outside as well. Here's a shot of O and Mrs. Amanda, his teacher, on his last day. He had just woken up...notice he still has his blankie. Ever since we got rid of the paci he now chews on his blankie for comfort. I'll miss Mrs. Amanda, I adored her and so did he.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 132 - Monkey

I'm starting to rethink this whole theory of evolution. I would almost swear my child has some form of a monkey running through his blood. :) He and his friend spend more time on top of this pirate ship than in it. Here's a pic of O climbing up this morning. We worked on planting our garden this morning. I should say, I worked on planting the garden, while he monkey'ed around. We have just a small raised garden bed so it didn't really take much time. I bought the stuff for it over a week ago and its pretty dried out, but hoping it will all spring back. We've got a green bell pepper plant, red bell pepper, squash, zucchini and cucumber. We are probably one of the only people who plant a garden and don't have tomatoes. We just don't eat them really. I also put some marigolds in it at one end. Hubs says they help keep bugs away. Plus the secret ingredient...mushroom compost. I mixed in to two bags of it. I swear, the plants love it. We had HUGE squash plants last year and I am so not a green thumb. Try it, you won't be disappointed! I'll keep ya posted on our little garden and its growth. :)

Day 131 - Daddy has a Birthday!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. The big 34! Wow, we are getting old. Or he is, rather. haha! Owen and I gave him a new pair of swimming trunks and flip flops to wear at the lake this summer. His parents are building a lake house and it is almost done. I'm thinking we will probably be spending a lot of time there this summer and can't wait! Hubs and I also went out to dinner last night while some friends of ours watched O for us. I think he had a nice birthday.

Day 130 - Wildflowers

Our neighbor gave these to Owen on Saturday for him to give to me. It was so sweet. We had a house full of company and he brought them in and said, "Here mommy." They sit on the counter in a cup of water and are beautiful. I love getting flowers from my little guy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 129 - Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! Its been a great Mother's Day. Yesterday the hubby let me go shopping with a girlfriend. It was so much fun! We're going to Florida together with a few other friends in about 10 days. Today I took a Mother's Day nap with my little guy...and then after he got up hubby let me stay in the bed for a few more hours. I had the greatest Mother's Day nap ever! It was a great gift. Later I had to take some pics of our niece. She's such a doll! Anyway, Owen was jumping on my back, hitting me in the head with a box, etc. while I was trying to do the shoot. I snapped this one of him while they were doing an outfit change. He actually wanted me to take his picture! Love it. I wish he'd been wearing a cute outfit. I need to do a shoot with him soon. Love this boy. Happy Mother's Day!

Day 128 - Wow, lots of kids!

We had some friends over last night for a cookout...there were 8 adults and 6 kids! Wow! With all that action I never got my camera out. It was a no picture day, although I had lots of cute little subjects I should have taken pics of!

Day 127 - Squeeeeeeze

Friday evening I made Owens dinner and took a beach sheet out to the yard where we sat with his dad and had a little picnic. Chris had been working on mulching the yard...with his little helper of course. Here's a pic of Owen giving him a big squeeeze. I love to just squeeze this little boy. I always say, "The more you squeeze, the more you love." I'm happy I caught this squeeze on camera.

Day 126 - Thanks, Owen

On Thursday, Owens class had a Mother's Day breakfast and they gave out the gifts the kids had made for us. Here is O with the flower pot he painted for me. Its one of the best gifts ever. I never realized how much homemade gifts from your children can mean to you...until of course I had my own child. I love it. I will love it forever. Thank you, Owen.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125 - Ponder

O was lounging in his little adirondack chair this morning and I grabbed my camera. In typical fashion he got up before I could get out there, but I convinced him to sit back down for a little bit. I got a few cute snaps of him, but this one I thought is so cute. He looks like he's really pondering something. Probably not the case and just coincidence. We are hosting our Church small group at our house tonight. Its naptime now and I'm taking a little break from cleaning. Now on to conquer the kitchen floors. Yuck. Then I have to make a lasagna. Busy day! We were at the grocery this morning at 10...its Senior Discount day. There's a table with food and juice & they save 10%! What the heck, Kroger? Where's the stay-at-home mom discount day? I say they install a free cocktail bar for the moms and a play area for the kids and us moms would be there for a while then spend a lot after hitting up that cocktail bar! ha!

Day 124 - Yardwork

When Chris got home from work today, he and O loaded up to go get a load of mulch for our landscaping. I hopped on the mower and mowed the lawn while they worked out front. Then O road with me while I mowed the front. I took this shot in a pretty stream of light as the sun was going down. I was trying to get him to sit in the grass. He, of course, never cooperates. :)