Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105 - Miller...aka "Fish"

I've been wanting to get a fish for a while now. This afternoon I asked O if he wanted to go get a fish and he said yes. After asking him what we should name the fish, he said "Fish." I've was so excited to go get our new fish, but like most things, I had more excitement that O ended up having. He was more excited to push the cart around the store than help me pick out a fish. He acted horrible in Petsmart! Ugh, it was bad. So much so that I have told him that the fish is now mine and not his. With that said, I have decided to name him Miller. Because thats what I needed by the time we got home...a Miller!! This pic really doesn't do him justice. He's a lot prettier in person. We have a 14 day guarantee on him...hubs and I were just looking at him and I think/hope he's sleeping. ;) He will probably die on day 15 knowing my luck. Miller. Or Fish. Depending on how O is acting in the days to come I may let him have him back and name him Fish. But I'm kinda attached to ol Miller now. :)

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  1. You will LOVE it! Ben & Delia got one for Valentine's Day. "Howie" acted kind of weird for the first couple of weeks, really lethargic and slow, but he is happy now. You can tell that he gets excited when we walk up to the bowl. He "waves" at us with his fins. Never thought that a fish could have personality!