Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 109 - Wild Hair

My friend called me up yesterday morning and a lot of her patients had cancelled so she got off work early, around 10am. I invited her over for a cup of coffee, mmmm. Anyway, she got to looking at Metro and feeling sorry for him so she got a wild hair & decided he needed a haircut. Oh boy. He's never had a haircut before. I didn't even know what he would look like! But what the heck. I busted out the clippers and even put the "Remmington" cape on him and tried to put a clip in his hair for the before picture. Ha! He hates me. hehe. :) Several pretzels, an old hair brush, clippers, scissors and about 45 minutes later we were done. Here is Sarah holding him for his before shot and a picture of some of the hair we removed! I wasn't able to get a good after shot so I will have to leave you hanging for now. I will say...he's a bit...how should I say it...choppy. ;)

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