Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 - Football Outtakes

My husband is going stir crazy. He really doesn't do well being cooped up in the house. When his brother came over today to visit they decided to go outside and throw the football around. I started out with good intentions of getting a good picture of him for today's post. But once I started snapping and the outtakes were soooo funny I just couldn't stop! These are too funny not to share...especially if you know him! On the top middle pic he is headed for a tree in our yard and he was saying, "I was scared of the tree!" And I do have to add that he did in fact catch the ball on the last the whole pic you can see part of the ball at the top. This would have been a good one had the ball been more in the pic closer to his hand and I hadn't blown the sky out. Lots of things technically wrong with these, but they will forever make me chuckle. Sorry honey, thanks for being a good sport. And for giving me a good laugh. Love you!