Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 - Hot ham-n-cheese

Today's post is my most uninspired to date and I'm sorry. Its been a hectic day. We've been going all day today it seems! O had his 2-year checkup this morning, followed by a trip to my old place of employment to visit old work friends and have lunch. We then came back home for a few hours of rest, then it was bath time, followed by this gourmet sandwich that I fixed my little guy tonight for dinner...then back out the door to our Church small group bi-weekly meeting. Whew. I'm beat. I almost scratched this photo entirely but I don't feel like getting my camera back out and am really comitted to one a day. Tomorrow is going to be another day on the run, but my friend had her twins today and I'm going to go visit her. I hope to have a much better picture for you tomorrow. I'm hoping for some tiny fingers and toes. Oh how I love those! Stay tuned! :)

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