Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29 - Snowball

We sure are getting the snow today, hooray! This is such a rare occurrence here. It started snowing this morning around 9 and has not stopped! Its now doing some sleeting. We have at least 4 inches probably and are supposed to get between 4 & 6! We took O out this morning for a little bit and his daddy helped him make this snowball. I was hiding out on the porch with the camera and told him to come show it to me so I could get a pic. I wanted to use a different picture of him close up but his nose was totally crusty. Poor guy. He's been a little under the weather today. Hopefully he's feeling better tomorrow! I'm hoping we can get out there tomorrow, its perfect snowman making snow. I know this because I pelted his dad with a few snowballs in the hottub while ago. ;) OR maybe we'll have to make a homemade sled out of a laundry basket. haha! We totally don't even own one.


  1. Glad you are enjoying your snow! Love the laundry basket idea :)

  2. Cute picture, the composition is nice!

  3. I can't imagine why you don't have a Do they even sell them here? I wouldn't think they would sell many usually. =O)